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Creating a Stone Based Diorama, step-by-step
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Smile Creating a Stone Based Diorama, step-by-step


Here is the third in a series of dioramas for your lip-smacking consumption. I had a crap-load of clay left over from the tree-building episode, so I decided to put it all to good use and make some clay/stone-based diorama action.

And I've been getting tons of email (from many other joe sites) on my previous two dioramas that were created by my son and I. Here's the URLs incase you missed them:

Building a Ranger-Shack (includes making a building inside and out, with brick and wood slats):

Building a Rock Wall (includes working with casting plaster, painting, making huge trees and applying foilage):

Now, onto the stone-cold action! Woot!

Now again, what you see here can be done by ANYBODY. I have never really worked with clay before (except maybe in grade 2 ;-) so... I may be doing this all wrong ~ you decide - and feel free to give some pointers, or just heckle me... whatever floats your boat.

Please note, that my kids and wife assisted with the clay sculpting - and it was crazy-fun.

Okay, onto the project!

. . .
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