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haradrel 02-29-2008 04:28 AM

don't worry, the only thing I take seriously is the how to :D (and everybody has a skeleton or two in their closet - whilst some just collect the skulls for fun! :rolleyes: )

Sephron13 03-12-2008 10:00 PM

Ok, so it's been a while since any updates. Work, news of impending spawn, work, sleep, work, blah blah blah... I have been working on it, just slowly and surely.

Just a couple shots of Beachhead, at night, showing off that schweet little light up there.

From the front, you can see the corners have new pieces in there, which not only solve the seam problem I was running into, but look pretty cool also.

A shot from afar, giving a look at the building from the front and side. Looking alright...just need to get the ground-cover done up and it'll look tight.

Sephron13 03-12-2008 10:01 PM

SHIPWRECK! BEHIND YOU!!! As you can see, I'll be using just plain wood slats for the floor. I'm not going to paint or stain them, and I think it looks pretty good. A little clean-up work is needed in the corners, but nothing major. Also, you can see the light attached to the wall. I'm thinking about making a box with a removable top and side, to enable use of the on/off switch and a quick battery change. However, it doesn't look all that bad as is (though the opening will need cleaned up). Thoughts?

Further back, you can see what it looks like inside and get a better idea of the size. (Sorry for the brightness/blurriness of the shots...I had the blinds open as the sun finally came out after our stupid 3+ day blizzard.) Plus, with the addition of the corner pieces, my roof no longer fits! HA! So, I shall be making adjustments to accomodate for that. See what happens when you don't have a plan?

I just liked this shot a lot. Shipwreck is just so clueless at times... or is he?! Perhaps he sees their reflection and is waiting to make his move?! OR, maybe he knows Beachhead is just outside...

Now, you can see the ceiling isn't what it should be just yet. I plan on making another "roof", this one will be for interior shots, that will have a cool little lighting feature.

That's all I have at the moment. Stay tuned...

fifthconspiracy 03-12-2008 10:29 PM

Holy Cracked Vertebrae G!!!

Wow, this thing is huge. Like Fat Albert huge. The full shots show it's girth all over the place, and it looks daunting.


Love the texture on the outside, the wood grain, window frames etc.

Love the windows... what are you using for the window material you jackal?

That Light - damn that thing has purpose. Canadian Walmarts don't carry flashlights or anything else with batteries.

The building corners - what did you do there exactly? It looks fantabulous and sexy. Adds a bit more of a shape, than just a square building - architecture Skot. Architecture action from the back section in spades here.

The whole thing could double for a back-up crib in about 7-8 months no? You could cram a baby in there, I've crammed babies into smaller places.


That Star Wars Calendar in the background.

The roof apparently doesn't fit anymore and that makes me sullen.

The wallpaper in your working room there is so 1970's. Fix that. Babies and internet predators hate vertical-striped wallpaper.

The green color trim on the inside of the dio, I'm not sold on that... should be brown or something else in my opinion... But maybe you like green and picking up hookers on route 92. Not my place to say really.

Nice job. This is turning out great.

Please keep going. I have terrible insomnia and your dio escapades help make the night turn to day.

Cheers! ~ Paul.

Sephron13 03-12-2008 10:42 PM

Well bud, the green is going to have to stay, as that baby ain't coming apart now! Plus, eh, I like it. Not sure why, either...I just do. Plus, the hookers I pick up on Route 92 agree, so you're outnumbered (and I mean WAY outnumbered...). Ha, the wallpaper is coming down in a few weeks actually. I just kind of took over that room and made it into my own recently and believe you me, I'm not a fan either. I thought about just punching holes in the wall to break it up, but I might just rip it down and paint. We'll see... The SW calendar was $5 and an impulse buy at WalMart, as it was in the rack right next to those wonderful little flashlights, of which I now have 8, haha. The laser pointer on it is wonderful for making my cats dizzy. Little effers. About the and me both brother. The biggest lesson learned here is to plan plan plan and stick to said plan. I needed one of your crazy awesome blueprints for this puppy! As a matter of fact, lay it out for me now! NOW! I'll throw this mother-frakkin'-son-of-a-betch into the trash right now and start from scratch! Or I'll stuff my demon baby into it? Maybe...

This IS huge and I'm not even sure where I'll put it, as I need the table to work on other projects, haha. Oh well! The corners are just square dowels, cut to length and glued to the ends. I need to touch up the stain on the outside, but overall, I'm very happy with them. Other than the fact that my roof is now a floating, non-fitting piece of poop! The light? Yes, it makes me all kinds of giggly and I'm excited to use it in other ways (Project: Insanity, for instance...). The stain worked wonders on the outside and I love how it looks. When the ground cover is done, it'll look so sick. Window material is...wait for it...just the plastic GIJoes come in. It's actually from the 5 packs...just cut it out, glue it on. Easy and awesome! Just like me!!!!!!!!!!

Tracker 03-13-2008 08:49 PM

way cool it's working progress but the fun part is problem solving

WildBill 03-23-2008 07:47 PM

This is looking really good my friend. Can't wait to see more.

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