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Originally Posted by joshdahl
It MIGHT have gone to the best photoshopper.... if photoshop were allowed! (GASP)
But it isn't!
Well, in a way it is......
You can use whatever image alteration you want to doctor up a recreate the background of your favorite painting perhaps.....
But in order to use that image you must print it and actually take a picture of your joes in front of it.

When you're done patting yourself on the back for putting the word "Gasp" in paranthesis make a note that it doesn't say anywhere in the link that Hammerfel posted above that Photoshop isn't allowed, and to be honest the line "Flight Pods and Fangs flying around" seems to imply that such a thing be used. Unless your assuming folks will just go outside and jerry rig things with visible fishing line, in which case you're looking for a whole different (read: subpar) brand of creativity as the people on this site take their hobby just a little more seriously.

Originally Posted by joshdahl
And speaking of challenges... Consider this an official challenge from the Terrordrome to JoeDios! The gauntlet has been thrown down! You goofs couldn't dio your ways out of a paper bag!!

The irony of that statement is you asked the Admin of the site (that "couldn't dio their way out of a paper bag") to judge your competition.
Now maybe it was in jest or maybe you got snooty because someone had a disagreement with your concept, I don't care. My comment was both concise and constructive.
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