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Ok, I finished up the wall. I just added the trim and the lil computer panel (which was done using flat basswood).

So check this out. You got the L-brackets connected to the base already so this is how you attach it! No big scret. Masking tape. Why not duct tape? Because you you can cut the tape easier when taking the walls down. How do you know it will stand up straight? You just hope like crazy and if it comes down to it, find ways to brace it. The TALLER the walls, the harder they are to stsand up (ie; doing a hanger or warehouse). Believe me, it's a headache.

Ta-dah. That's how it will look. Sure, you can paint the base so it looks a bit more consistent but uh... anyway... It might look a little plain but you turn it into something more like this...

That'd be it. Enjoi.
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