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Originally Posted by Lava Boss

I thought as a movie, if I was unfamiliar with GI JOE, I'd say it mostly sucked and had a bad script and teetered between real action movie and kiddie shlock (it is a toy based film).

As GI JOE fan, though, I found parts of it enjoyable. It got some things "right", but I cannot say it was especially better than Rise of Cobra. I think that making GI JOE realistic doesn't work in live action, Retaliation wanted some realism but also outlandish stuff and it doesn't mesh well. Rise of Cobra almost did better...except its CGI sucked horribly at times.

Pretty much my thoughts.

Finally saw it on DVD from my local library. Why? Because whatever the final box office figures are, divide that by $12 or whatever and there are that many fools having their money taken from them. Some repeatedly had their money stolen from them. At least with the library it is part of a large purchase made every few months from the studio distributors so the cost is spread out amongst several pictures (some good and some like this one not really).
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