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How To Take In flight Shots
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Default How To Take In flight Shots

Greetings fellow Fotografers.

Some folks have asked me how I do flying shots. Well, it's a secret actually. I've developed a way to bring my figures and vehicles to life, ask them politely to pose for me, then I return them to toy form.

Not buying that, huh?

OK, it's actually very simple and I hope this little tutorial will help you guys out. There are several ways of achieving flying shots, but I'm going to tell you about the techniques I use.

I actually use a couple different ones, depending on what I'm going for. The first thing you will definitely need is some kind of Photo Editing software. I use Adobe PhotoDelux Home Addition, recommended to me by the master himself...The Outrider, and Picasa. I've found the Adobe PhotoDelux on eBay for only a few bucks. It's very easy, simple and not too difficult to use. Cyko Scot of the Colorado Cykos sent me PhotoShop 7. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but once I do, I'll let you know how it works. Picasa is a free download from the interweb. It has some decent uses, but I'd definitely recommend getting a professional program of some kind.

The next thing you'll need is string and wire hangers. I've also found fishing line to be an awesome use as well, especially for some of the heavier planes and helos, plus it's clear and not as obvious if you can't edit it out.

The third thing you'll need is patients.

I personally like to take pictures of my flying aircraft outside. I like having natural lighting and shadows on my subject. I've taken pictures on sunny days, overcast days, at sun up, sun down, all kinds of lighting conditions. Some of the folks on this site have shown me pictures of their "in flight" aircraft using pictures taken inside. Some look great, others look like they were taken inside.
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