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not underground, but rather sitting atop a hill with a shelter underground linking to a escape route. it would have miles of empty space. like in a desert so anything approaching can be seen with very early warning systems and monitoring on a global scale. about 3 miles out in every direction would be a wall with only an straight road opening at the front. a mile between the wall and pitt would be littered with mines and whatnot with 2 miles outside the wall with sensors. it should be a lot easier to attack the pentagon then the pitt. i understand the secret underground thing would be nice so no one could attack you, but with the right stuff it would be obscene for them to attempt it in the first place. and lets face it, if cobra was what they are in the comics/cartoons they will find the pitt. id rather have one in the open ready to defend rather then one hidden underground whos main defense is to hide.
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