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The Pit/Joe HQ toy
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Default The Pit/Joe HQ toy

The new Pit reminds me of the MCC, but I admit, I like the approach. It works as a vehicle (outer gun stations and railings) and a playset HQ (but there's a lot of cardboard). I would've just called it the MCC Mk.2 or something. A mobile command center, not the Pit.

Now for a real Pit playset, I think it's got to be limited to 2 or 3 levels so it's not much larger than the vintage Death Star playset. Comparable to the Terror Drome. Rooms/sections:
1) Ops w/big screen computer terminals. RoC or Sunbow, doesn't matter. Needs to be most accessible. An office on the side for Hawk would be cool, but not essential.
2) Motor Pool. With some tools like you see in Dios. Remember that '83 Star Wars set that had, like, 12 wrenches? Joe needs these. I'm torn whether the motor pool should have "gun ports" like the '83 HQ. And I'd put it on the bottom level with some garage doors.
3) Infirmary. Joe has to get one of these. Where's Doc doing surgery?
4) Armory. A small room to stock weapons. Doesn't have to be huge, but needs some gun racks similar to the TTBP. The Flagg didn't quite get it right.
5) Jail. An inquisition room would be a lot of fun (with table and "bright light").
6) Elevator linking the levels and top.

Generators could be included anywhere on the set. Essential, but they don't need a whole room. Also, I wouldn't argue for a briefing room nor a practice firing range. A training room with punching bag and weight bench would be cool, but of limited use.

I'm also torn as to whether the top of the playset has a small shack or just an open roof. I don't think it needs a vehicle lift, although even the base in RoC had one like the original.
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