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Graham. Old farts will remember me as Sonneilon on here. Guy who totally was jiggy with Sigma6 and the nu skulpt era of 2002-2005 (which got me back in the game for a time). I don't do much in the way of single photos because I do diostories. Not the hardest GI Joe fan anymore when the MTF was released.

Visit the Dioramas section for the link to the Zero Signal story. From there, you can find the GI Joe story index and see what else is available. (kind of long story that most of the stories are in disarray)

I'm 42. Started in 1982 with the giant size (ie; comic incentive) GI Joe #1 comic and a slew of Joes for X-mas. As with a lot of people, interest faded after the movie and when DiC came in (and Ninja Force, Eco Warriors, etc).
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