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'Sup Guys?!
Drew Barka here...From Lawrence, Ma (Lawtown) Lurker on JoeDios for years and then found that bargain hunting 25ths was fun and fruitful so I got over my mip hang-ups (mostly) and pulled out the 3 megapixel and tried out some shots
Was originally totally in love with Adventure Team but I was really young and those dried up....then Bam! 1982!
So being with my lady since 88 and having no children (except the uber spoiled Niece nephews and God sons, still Joe Crazy Aged Too!) I've got a small modest brightly colored bungalow popping at the seems with music studio gear and toys....should actually be working on that chaos and not typing this right now I'm a Carpenter, so of course the house needs work and isn't getting any as I'm on the way out back to shoot an android gorilla throwing a Humvee, but really...isn't everyone?
Hell of a coolness!

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