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Originally Posted by TwoOneEight
Now, what we need to work on is commenting. New or Old Guard, we should comment on shots posted. It encourages people to post more.

I see 153 Views, and only 2 replies, we need to turn that around.
I mean, even if you just Copy Paste "Great Shot!" or "Awesome Pic!" would help. Everyone must do their part.

A New Era, indeed.

This was an issue way back when. There was discussion of a LIKE button for those who don't want to comment or have nothing to say but actually do like what they see. I remember people who would get hundreds of views and almost new replies which really irritated them to no end. Can't say I blame them.

Part of the interest again in this particular website is that the photos can be seen at full size (unless that's been changed). Facebook, where people love to post in 20 different random action figure groups, doesn't really lend itself well as a public gallery site. Photos get buried too quickly there. The photos get resized so it's possible to miss a lot of what is being shown (like a page of photos). So believe it not, there is some backlash to how FB does things.
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