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Hi there. Wow been away from here for a while.

I saw it last week in 3D. I should have seen it in 2D, as I thought the 3D was actually a bit of a distraction. Like others have said, the film did have several large plot holes and too many characters to allow for enough screen time and introduction to all of them e.g. a proper intro for Jinx, an explanation for Storm's re-appearance. What happened to the Pit in Egypt, what happened to the globally-diverse unit as in the first film, how come the Tread Ripper didn't get hit, while all the HISS tanks were destroyed, etc.

How many weapons does Colton need in his house? How paranoid must he be?? Are they all out to get him?? Why would anyone have fake cutlery drawers and false cooker hobs built into their house, especially if he's retired. At the onset of senility he'd be out of luck trying to find a butter knife (yes, yes, I know it was all just a plot device to get the Joes some weapons in a short space of time). And how many times must they say "Hu-ahh" or whatever??? And why must every US action flick now have the apparently obligatory US soldiers beating up faceless terrorists scene??

That said, Retaliation had more colour (UK spelling) to it than Rise of Cobra, the outfits, the locations. CC's look was great, just wish he had had more screen time, and wished there was more of him walking in slow-motion with trench coat billowing in the wind, like in the trailers. Very cool. President Zartan stole the show, just brilliant. Too bad he didn't get away too. Blind Masters role should have been more than just exposition. I agree the last half hour was rushed, and it was a shame so many bits from the trailers did not make it into this cut.

I did appreciate their attempt at a "story so far" opening credits sequence. It was appreciated that they acknowledged RoC and the nanomite storyline. Roll on Destro and the IGs for the next film!
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