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I think the actualy troop builders of the AVs and Shock Troopers are great for troop building, they both have a high level of awesomeness to them. The Jungle Vipers are cool, but I couldn't see have legions of them like you would AVs, Shock Troopers, Blue Shirts, Crimson Guard or regular Vipers. I picked up a couple of AVs for Frank and have had a chance to mess around with them, but I'd rather not invest in a whole bunch of those guys to build what I feel is a propper sized squad or platoon. Same with the Shock Troopers. I may get one or two just coz he's a cool figure, but that's about it.

As far as that AWE driver (Firefox? Desert Fox?) He is awesome and would make for a fine set of troop builders. I wanted to get another AWE for my collection but passed on this latest incarnation due to the odd colour choices, but once I really started to look at the driver, I shelled out the $$$ for it. Those ugly colours can be taken care of with a rattle can.

Clutch from the PoC VAMP is another that can make for a good troop builder. He's got on a sort of jump suit, with 25th Beach Head's vest and a knife and holster on each thigh. Beach Head with a bit of modding and Dusty are also great potential for troop building.
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