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Originally Posted by Roland da Thompson Gunner
I would've participated until I learned that The Terrordrome takes people's photos without asking permission to use them.

Yo Roland, mind telling me some about this via PM? That's got me super curious as I already have a semi-low opinion of the Terrordrome...

You know, I don't really like this too well so I'm going to change this picture around. I will start a contest on Joedios, with prizes and judges, one of which I will talk to will be a very special member you will all appreciate.

And to top it all off, I want to see what the Dromies will bring to the plate here. I welcome anyone who wants to play along and play nicely.

There's no reason in my opinion that we can't have this kind of thing here. I'm not trying to make a scene, but I want to have our own contest. Joedios is a magical site that doesn't deserve to take a tone from a website we're being asked to participate with.

I'm going to work on this more in a bit, as there will be some definite behind the scenes work. But I think you guys will like what I've got planned and hopefully the Dromies will too!

Stay tuned.

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