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While I'm not new to the site, I am new to all this drama. Actually, other than the kid posting selfies on here I want aware there were any issues. I've been a member now for over 10 years with nearly 8000 posts, I try to comment on eveyones pictures in all the sections and I think everyone should be welcomed here, new and old members. Following, what I think are few simple rules of no more than 3 pics, putting things in the right sections, no foul language, etc. I think we should be able to moderator ourselves, after all this is a hobby of collecting toys. I come here to look at and enjoy everyone's efforts, marveling at people's creativity and collections and not to be caught up in he said she said stuff. I have been collecting Joes since 1982 and love this website. I hope we can all just come to an agreement.

As I said, I don't involve myself in this stuff, I think this might be my second post ever in the forums, but I asked to come here and give my choices. From what I understand they are the 3 frontrunners so I would vote for NJ as he seems to be the longest running member with the most posts and follows my efforts to comment on every picture. I would also vote for Mike T as I have been a fan if his blog and pics here for years, I was glad to see his return here and Gijoewasthere as he is one of the few guys I have talked too off the site and I like his tagline "Comment to Participate" But I would also nominate Slipstream and Flint because it seemed like a good 2 years us 3 and Thunder/Steeler (wish he'd come back), slevland and Gijoewasthere were the only ones posting pictures.

I don't expect my voice to matter and will remain a member no matter the outcome, but I do ask that if you are a member, new or old that you do offer a comment, praise or offer a tip to someone who took the time to post an image. If you look most of my posts have been about sharing knowledge, Being a member is more than just looking! Good luck to those who want the job and keep the members and pics coming, we all know we need as must interest in this dying hobby!
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