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Originally Posted by Hammerfel
He said he's been to JD many times, as did the Director of Global Strategy & Marketing, who was once in charge of Joes, but now is working on Clone Wars. He was the same Snake Eyes T-shirt John here has on.

Then i would like to make a suggestion while you are updating the site: a section in the forums, probably locked so ppl can't add to it directly, directed to hasbro folks. In this way we can express ideas to them in one official spot... easy for hasbro to read. Make a direct link in the main landing page to that forum thread.

We all can always contribute to the hasbro thread via other threads. Threads tend to get messy and can be hijackked, so keeping the hasbro thread clean is important. This way it can encourage hasbro,who are busy folks, just like any of us, to find ideas that have JD interests in one spot.

Sorry for the typos... i'm typing this via my new droid phone.
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