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What I wouldn't do to take a guy like him and have an hour or two alone with him so he can answer my questions.

Prolly tie him to a chair in the basement.

Drug his food and drinks to dull his senses a bit.

Make him design the Joes the way I want them and throw hissy-fits when he doesn't do something I like.

End up hobbleing him to keep him from escaping again.

Whoa! Did I just slip into Kathy Bates there for a second...?
The United States will conquer Terrorism with the help of God and a few Marines.

Some people, when trying to avoid thinking about those things that cause them pain, turn to drink, or perhaps food, or drugs... I turn not to any of those... I collect action figures, turning my mind to the hunt, so that I might find a mote of peace... Over the years, I've found that alcoholism is much more socially acceptable by far.
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