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Originally Posted by silentdusty
Looks like a FLAGG deck with some foam underneath, you can actually see the pink foam if you look closely. I think if there was a 'real' floating prototype, it would have more ship like features such as a bow at least.

Looks for like a small inflatable kid's toy to me.

Recently I saw a picture on Craig's List where a guy was selling a Flagg he had modified to float. He made a plastic or fiberglass hull that connected with the bwo and tailfan pieces. He filled the hulle with some floatation foam for bouancy, then he put some weight on the port side, opposite the island so it sat level in the water. He was selling it for a pretty penny though, but he had a picture of it sittingin water and it looked pretty nice.

The father of a kid I knew back in the '80s had built a platform that fit in their swimming pool that the kid could set the Flagg upon. Ther platform was just below the water so it looked like the FLagg was floating.
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