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Weekend Warriors: December/January
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Default Weekend Warriors: December/January

December 10th – 12th: All Out Battles
Remember how when you were a kid every playtime ended with at least a few things blown up and brutal dog-piles of dead figures in our imagination? That’s how I want this weekend to look only with special effects, brutal and senseless.

December 17th – 19th: Troop Builders
Post shots of your many multiples of different grunts.

December 24th – 26th: Off Topic
Gundams, Transformers, Star Wars or whatever, anything goes this weekend but no Joe.

December 31th – January 2nd: Behind Enemy Lines
Captured or hiding in the shadows, there's sure to be some fun out of a guy running amuck in the enemy's base.

Chose Christmas weekend for Off Topic since surely a few will like it, and odds are not many will be on. Hope you guys like the themes for this month and if not feel free to give suggestions.

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