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No, but I saw it twice anyway
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Default No, but I saw it twice anyway

Well, as a stand alone movie it had a lot of problems.

Why spend the beginning of the movie developing the relationship between Roadblock and Duke only to kill Duke off in the next scene?

Then why have a Flint - who in this film had no personality whatsoever - take his place?

It would have made much more sense from a screenwriting point of view to have Duke in the whole movie and then selflessly sacrifice his life at the end in order to save Roadblock and stop Cobra.

Also, by killing so many characters they have really written themselves into a hole. If Zartan is dead already, how can they introduce Zarana and the Dreadnoks?

Also, there is never a scene where Storm Shadow finds out that Zartan killed the Hard Master. Apparently he knew all along. That makes no sense. Why didn't he just tell his clan already what happened? Why did he bother to join Cobra?

Also, why did Cobra Commander say Destro is "out of the band"? And CC's origin story from the previous movie makes it impossible for there to be a Springfield story line. They should have had a voice actor imitate Chris Latta's cartoon voice in the original show - CC doesn't have much personality in this film.

The only good thing about the film is how Cobra's plot to take over the world resembled the TV show. Oh and the mountain Ninja scene was cool.

I say the franchise should be re-booted. The new film should take place in 1982 and be based on the highlights from issues 10-20 of the comic book. I mean in 2014 when we all have cell phones a character like Breaker carrying a radio on his back makes no sense, right?
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