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Originally Posted by WildWeasel
Wow, and here I thought we were done.

You make it sound like we steal images and don't give people credit.

As you can clearly see on ANY of our "Image of the Day" images we posted, we fully credit the user, the thread and JoeDios itself. So not quite sure where you are going with your post.

In respons to Roland's comment to me about if/when HissTank posts images we post without asking us, well that is a different situation. Because, they will NEVER credit us for anything. The remove our links all the time when any member posts something of ours.

If anyone wants their image removed that we featured as a way to promote the community AND JoeDios itself let me know and we'll remove it. And at this point if we do decide to continue with the "Image of the Day" feature, I'll be sure to ask first so we don't offend any fragile egos.

At this point, I'm really disappointed in the attitude taken by some here. It is not what I have come to recognize by the members here. And that is sad. Especially Nekoman's comment. It also shows what is wrong with this community as a whole, when you try to something together and some turns it around like it is a bad thing.

This is ridiculous and at this point, I'm thinking about shutting down the contest and not bothering to work with any of the other sites, since they all seem to be pretty selfish.

This hobby is really becoming no fun for me.

Honestly if I didn't have respect for this place, I'd just post "lol, pull a rocky" but I am always amused by dudes who post long posts.

Anyways it's cool bro, Josh Dahl (who seems like an okay guy) told me "The Terrordrome is a news site" and doesn't create content.

It's not a matter of offending "fragile egos" brozoft, it's a matter of running your website in a professional manner (How Josh Dahl has been acting after explaining why he made some comments that could be mistaken as being like from ANOTHER site. See what I did there ). I don't like having my stuff used so that your website can have something to post, even if it's for the good of the community. I'm not a member of your community, I'm only a member of Joedios and Flickr, the rest of the Joe community doesn't really appeal to me (Large Nazi memorabilia collections, harassing store employees to get a Snake Eyes for $2.00 and murdering a girl and then making a phony 911 call = NOT PEOPLE I WANT TO ASSOCIATE WITH). But what do I care, I'm already on the Terrordrome blacklist or something.

Honestly man, the person with the worst attitude in this thread is you. Calm down. Remember this is all over CHILDREN'S TOYS. I've been on G.I. Joe websites for a long time and outside of the FLAGG awards (and really only 2002) there's never been any successful inter-site promotion... well as long as you don't count site mergers (Making General Hawk a mod ).

Take care pal, I think if you step back and look at this whole thing you'll realize this thing is mad ridiculous.

I'd like to apologize to Josh Dahl, as when I spoke with him he seemed cool.
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