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Originally Posted by WildWeasel
At this point, I'm really disappointed in the attitude taken by some here. It is not what I have come to recognize by the members here. And that is sad. Especially Nekoman's comment. It also shows what is wrong with this community as a whole, when you try to something together and some turns it around like it is a bad thing.

I was going to try and put something together too, but for some reason you think that the Terrordrome is the only site on the internet allowed to have contests. That's kind of hypocritical. Really, I even said that I thought it'd be something fun for people over there to do here too, so I don't see how my comment was taken so poorly, but frankly, I don't care either!

This is ridiculous and at this point, I'm thinking about shutting down the contest and not bothering to work with any of the other sites, since they all seem to be pretty selfish.

LOL, whatever floats your boat man. I can take from that it means the whole point of your contests are to take people from here and get them posting there? Because if you're shutting down the contest it means that either A: You can't take slight negativity at all and your emotions have gotten the better of you, or B: The whole point of this is to get talent from here actively dealing with and building your site. As, after all, if it weren't wouldn't you leave it open to your own members?

I really don't care if you can't take any negativity. "Selfish" would be exactly what I would use to describe the Terrordrome as as well. If you wanted to even try and salvage the situation, you could've made a more carefully thought out and phrased post.

At Joshdahl:

Hey, I get that you're trying to make things better here. I wish Wild Weasel had done that too instead of throwing a tantrum. I'll also apologize for carrying on, but please understand that at the very least I wanted to respond when someone says I'm the problem with an entire community.

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