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Yorktownjoe here. Been around for a while but not posting too many pictures these days. I can snap a few here and there, but life is busy with my wife, 2 boys and our 9 month old puppy.

My name is Joe, and I once lived on a road named Yorktown. Very imaginative, I know. But I also like Yorktown for the historical reference to the American Revolution. Those were the days of the very first "real American heroes..."

I remember having a beat up 1:6 scale Joe that mom got at a rummage sale. And I had that bearded SuperJoe in between scale in the 1970's. Bit I would say that I really started back in 1982 with Clutch and V.A.M.P. as my first.
Collected until 1989 or so then took a hiatus for college, etc. Started again with a few of the "Collector's Edition" reissues in the early 2000's.

Found this site in 2005 and have received many photography tips over the years.
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