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Very cool that you can get 1-1 contact. It's hard to decide what to ask them. Should it be for personal reasons ("When are we getting Major Barrage and Ice Cream Soldier???") vs community-based reasons ("Can you hook Sonneilon up with Lady Gaga?"; sorry, that's an inside joke with me and Hasbro). Still, either way, it's up to you and it's very cool you had good talk.

I seem to remember a few years ago, we came up with a list of questions for someone (it may have been Luke Ellison) to ask Hasbro. Anyway, you should write up all that you talked about it.

And can you get a case of JUST Jungle Vipers for the community here? lol

HA! I told you guys eons ago that the Hasbro crowd IS lurking here. Now the question is, with all the use of Predator and other sci-fi stuff HERE, did that sway them to go ultra cool? Anyway...
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