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hey guys Ciarda
here Aka tycondrius23 here and tycondrius on hisstank. and also my YT review vids.

well I'm from Ireland which is good but also sucks, nice place and great people but for collecting Joes its a barren waste land hasbro pulled Joe outa Europe in 09 and before that the show on the ground wasn't great . if it wasn't for folks I met through FB and on here my collection would be a mere glimmer in my eye.

well I am in between jobs atm . but studying web design so maybe ye might see some amazing works of art from me ... speaking of art I did do ceramics and painting studies so .

well not sure what else I can write here but been a member on here for a long while and sorta just phased out when things got slow and FB took off as it was handy loading blocks of pics to the various toy groups I'm in. love collecting Joe but have so many other lines I love to do shoots of and crossovers with .
"I'm a lead farmer Motherf*%$er"
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