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The Magic of Light and and Angles
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Default The Magic of Light and and Angles

Well starting off, let me ask this!
What makes indoor pictures so great? The figures? Sure. The Sets? Of course! But what makes the scenes dramatic and just brings everything to life? The lighting and of course, the angle!
But how do you capture these images? Well something that helps more then you think, is a Light Tent. Sure they are expensive, but its simple to make a homemade one.

The items you will need for the lighting is

A Desk lamp. A bulb thats hopefully a bit more natural looking then this ^
This is a Art light I believe, it has two florescent bulbs and gives off a beautiful white light.

Those are for general all around light. But to make the shots stand out, you might want to invest in multicolored lights that add effects and emotion to the shots.

This is what I use to achieve the lights ^

A white sheet or something similar diffuses the light ^

This is the picture with both lights activated and a simple angle. Not great right?

Read on
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