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Hasbro's GI Joe Renegades Q&A
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News Hasbro's GI Joe Renegades Q&A

Hello G.I. Joe Fans! Hasbro shares the fans’ excitement for this first season of G.I. Joe Renegades and we’re sure you have some great questions that you’ve been dying to ask since the show’s debut this past November. Well, now is your chance! Hasbro is offering you an opportunity to participate in a special bonus round of our G.I. Joe Q&A in which the team at The Hub and Hasbro Studios behind the hit G.I. Joe Renegades show will answer your questions! Please submit one (1) question by Friday, January 21 at 3:00 PM. The team’s responses will be returned by February 7. Looking forward to getting your questions, and have a great weekend! YO JOE!

So, what shall we ask?


/edited for final submitted question

OK, here's what I sent:

Hello The Hub and Hasbro Studios teams!

We at are into GI Joe storytelling, and are just eating up the very fresh story being told in GI Joe Renegades. I am also the Director of Skunkworks at Sony Online Entertainment, which just last week released our new PC/PS3 MMO, DC Universe Online, so I am familiar with bringing a license to a new medium (TV, video games, comics, and toys, all together), and I will be a panelist at the upcoming Engage! conference at Toy Fair in NYC next month. I would enjoy meeting up with any of you there. My contact info & bio are at for introductions.

But that's my day Job. is my hobby, and making stories with these characters a fun creative outlet for me. My stories (dios) are at

The question is this:
Do you plan to continue to put cool Easter Eggs in GI Joe Renegades like this tribute to Star Wars in GI Joe Renegades Episode 6:

The Joes in the Cobra Broadcast control room:

Han Solo, Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker in the Detention Block:

If so, I applaud you and suggest you make it even more obvious. I would suggest Tunnel Rat say "Boring conversation anyway. Duke! We're going to have company!" after he blasted the comm device with the Baroness, just to drive the tribute home so more people would get it.

For those who recognized the reference, it was a special treat for us adult fans.

Nathan Pearce
Director of Skunkworks
Sony Online Entertainment
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