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Originally Posted by Otto the Otter
I'm wondering about her gloves too. They have the only black on the figure, would they look better if they were blue? Or should I paint her boots black again and keep the gloves black? I want to keep some blue on her so she's closer to screen accurate and closer to Destro's colours. I like the red trim as well, but I may ditch it so it's one less colour, and would the Cobra insignia be out of place if left red or would it look cool painted black?

I think you're pretty close, but you may be over thinking this.
Hasbro had the paint pattern pretty close but I think the reason it irks so many people is the colors were off.
Take a look at Destro next to the Baroness and then see my comments at the bottom.

Replace the black with the Navy Blue.
Skirt Thing: Paint the outside Navy Blue, paint the inside Black.
Paint her midriff black.
If you really like painting - repaint all the light gray stuff a slightly darker gray.

Try to match the navy blue to match Destro and you'll be more screen accurate than Hasbro. I think the way she comes from the factory, all Black and light gray was a poor choice. The high contrast looks bad and doesn't fit with her Resolute look. The choice of bodies was a compromise. I'm sure they couldn't justify molding an entirely new figure. They instead used an existing mold that worked for the baroness and added accessories.

I actually wonder if the first 25th Baroness sculpt wouldn't have been a better choice. This version has better boobs though.
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