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cyko 12-15-2010 11:11 AM

Originally Posted by Reverend Blood
Man i want in on this. Stupid cell phone camera. Maybe after the holidays i'll get me a new digital and join in the fun.

I say go for it with the cellphone. Just remember, those things don't usually focus under 6 feet, so plan a wide shot.

Rambo 12-23-2010 09:36 AM

Idea: Rarely seen Joes and Cobras.

Prince Adam 12-24-2010 09:48 AM

Originally Posted by Rambo
Idea: Rarely seen Joes and Cobras.

We had one those once a couple years ago and it was great to see what everyone came up with. Wouldn't mind seeing that theme again in the near future.

Crimson Pilot 12-24-2010 11:23 AM

Ideas for future weekend warrior themes. These are just some things that me and the family could think of to do or want to see. Not 100% sure some of these werent old W/W topics that I have seen over the years on this site though. I know I have seen some pics on here with some of this type of theme used really well. If all else fail, collect all the old themes and recycle.


Scenes from regular movies using joes (include pic/link of the scene to compare)

Scenes from the GI Joe movie original or new

Improvising- when all else fails, use what you can to fight

When toys come to life- when they try to take over the home

Historic- make hostoric scenes of history

time travel

Out of their element- character put in extremely opposite situations or environments

Losing battle- when troops or character are losing the fight

The aftermath of battle

off hours time-- what they do on thier own time

Episode- make a scene that is unmistakeable of your favorite episode if GI Joe

Role reversal- joes will be bad and Cobra will be good

Budget cuts- the joes and Cobras improvise when funding is scarce

Whats in a name- good reasons that they are named what they are

Unlikely hero- the lesser knowns have their chance for glory

Battle of the toy lines- GI joe/Cobra battle other toy lines

Blackmail- what the characters dont want anyone to know about

When price is no object- what if they had no spending limit and only imagination held back the ordering of things (no budget restrictions)

Something is wrong- can you spot what shouldnt be? (like seek and find)

Officer exchange program- putting an opposing member with the others side to learn

Hollywood- Time for Cold Slither to reunite and other music or celebrities to come to be

Only in my dreams- what a character dreams about (far fetched)

Weaknes- they all have one, lets find out

Gamers- Putting figures in games (Board, video, tabletop, etc)

Scale has no limit- let the sizes hold you back (ex: a joe on a date with Barbie)

Kidnapping: in progress, botched, mistaken

Joe versus nature: the battle of the cat, to catch a goldfish, etc

Insert joe here: putting them interacting in everyday life (participating)

Battle in Space

Battle on Land

Battle on the seas

Batle in the skies

Joes/Cobras on vacation

Joechat: figures discover the webcam

Joes in regular "joe" jobs - mechanic, cashier, salesman, etc

Diorama Fail- when the dio doesnt work right, breaks, falls, doesnt cooperate, etc

Psychadelic- out of this world imagry

Life on the line

Joes in crime scenes

Fairytale Joe- scenes from fairytales

Attacks while you sleep

Every man/woman for themself- run for your lives.

Modeling- Showing their stuff, equipment, and gear on the catwalk (or something like it)

Reverend Blood 12-25-2010 07:18 PM

Originally Posted by Crimson Pilot
Ideas for future weekend warrior themes. ...

Scenes from regular movies using joes (

That one wouldn't be fair. Ender's "Joe Fiction" already wins without being entered. lol

Da Talent 12-27-2010 12:24 AM

Originally Posted by Reverend Blood
That one wouldn't be fair. Ender's "Joe Fiction" already wins without being entered. lol

I don't know about that...

but maybe it will get Frank to post some pics again.

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