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neapolitan joe 07-07-2017 04:57 PM

WELCOME ON JOEDIOS! Introduce Yourself (again!)?
I'm Francesco, 39 years old from Naples, Italy.
I started to play with G.I.JOE's action figures in 1986/87 and to collect them in 2006.
I have two sons, Pasquale and Michele and a lovely wife.
My motto for Joedios is: "where G.I.JOEs and Cobras come to life!"...
Welcome back everybody!

vespapilot79 07-07-2017 06:20 PM

Re Intros
Grazie e Buongiorno Neopolitan Joe. My name is Sean and I live in Bakersfield Ca. I was brought to the site in the search of printable props to use in a play set I was building for my now oldest son. Upon making an account and getting to know some of my now long time GIJOE friends, I got hooked on the toy photography aspect of collecting. The rest is history. I am currently working on a large scale diorama that will feature four store fronts and a stand alone shop/studio apartments on the second floor. There is a lengthy story that will accompany the dio, but that will follow at a later time. I am still in the medical field, now assisting in surgical procedures to increase circulation in the lower legs. My 2 boys Jaron and Hayden are 16 and 9 and my girlfriend 0f almost 4yrs Patricia. Im learning Italian for a future trip to Italy. My girlfriend spent most of her childhood in Aviano, her dad being in the USAF. So we will be visiting her friends and doing some traveling. I am also planning on visiting the Vespa museum and riding around on a scoot..Hence my JD handle. You will see lots of scooters in my upcoming dio. I specialize in handcrafting props for use in dioramas. Wood pallets of different sizes, cloth sleeping bags, pillows, hammocks, stretchers, tents, camo netting poles..So yes I can use a sewing machine. My hopes is to see the site active again like it was years ago and I look forward to sharing my works here again.

cmyaj 07-07-2017 06:27 PM

Hello, all!

My name is Jay; I'm 45 years old & located in Southern California. I've been collecting action figures in general since 1978 (Star Wars, like many of us) & GI Joe since 1982 (Grand Slam & the HAL were my first, followed by the Cobra trooper). I stopped in 1989 & picked them back up during the 25th anniversary release & have been filling in the gaps in my collection since. Though my collecting has slowed a bit lately, I still love my Joes!

neapolitan joe 07-07-2017 06:32 PM

Amico Sean!
Thank You Vespapilot79 and Cmyaj for writing about You!
Welcome back Friends!

Slipstream80 07-07-2017 08:29 PM

My name is Andrew and I've been into GI Joe since my father made the mistake of watching the MASS Device with me when I was 3. I'm a teacher, professor, and a Civil Air Patrol squadron commander (interestingly enough, a few Joes, including Slipstream were in CAP). I really enjoy this site and am glad to see more activity.

gijoeiwasthere 07-08-2017 07:41 AM

'Sup Guys?!
Drew Barka here...From Lawrence, Ma (Lawtown) Lurker on JoeDios for years and then found that bargain hunting 25ths was fun and fruitful so I got over my mip hang-ups (mostly) and pulled out the 3 megapixel and tried out some shots :D
Was originally totally in love with Adventure Team but I was really young and those dried up....then Bam! 1982!
So being with my lady since 88 and having no children (except the uber spoiled Niece nephews and God sons, still Joe Crazy Aged Too!) I've got a small modest brightly colored bungalow popping at the seems with music studio gear and toys....should actually be working on that chaos and not typing this right now :D I'm a Carpenter, so of course the house needs work and isn't getting any as I'm on the way out back to shoot an android gorilla throwing a Humvee, but really...isn't everyone?

tycondrius23 07-08-2017 01:04 PM

hey guys Ciarda
here Aka tycondrius23 here and tycondrius on hisstank. and also my YT review vids.

well I'm from Ireland which is good but also sucks, nice place and great people but for collecting Joes its a barren waste land hasbro pulled Joe outa Europe in 09 and before that the show on the ground wasn't great . if it wasn't for folks I met through FB and on here my collection would be a mere glimmer in my eye.

well I am in between jobs atm . but studying web design so maybe ye might see some amazing works of art from me ... speaking of art I did do ceramics and painting studies so .

well not sure what else I can write here but been a member on here for a long while and sorta just phased out when things got slow and FB took off as it was handy loading blocks of pics to the various toy groups I'm in. love collecting Joe but have so many other lines I love to do shoots of and crossovers with .

neapolitan joe 07-08-2017 05:10 PM

Thank You guys!
Welcome back Ciarda, old friend!

Lava Boss 07-09-2017 01:36 PM

Lava Boss
I live in a volcano fissure.
I'm an Aries, so Wonder Woman hates me.
If I had kids they'd be ugly.
My motto is "If it ain't broke, burn it!"*
I need a new camera, please send money to...

*No one will get that reference

Dr. Phibes 07-09-2017 01:43 PM

Graham. Old farts will remember me as Sonneilon on here. Guy who totally was jiggy with Sigma6 and the nu skulpt era of 2002-2005 (which got me back in the game for a time). I don't do much in the way of single photos because I do diostories. Not the hardest GI Joe fan anymore when the MTF was released.

Visit the Dioramas section for the link to the Zero Signal story. From there, you can find the GI Joe story index and see what else is available. (kind of long story that most of the stories are in disarray)

I'm 42. Started in 1982 with the giant size (ie; comic incentive) GI Joe #1 comic and a slew of Joes for X-mas. As with a lot of people, interest faded after the movie and when DiC came in (and Ninja Force, Eco Warriors, etc).

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