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Hardball 01-03-2011 01:19 AM

JOEDIOS Rules & Regulations
It's a new year peeps! And the coming of a new year gives us a reason to review, revise, and revisit the rules of this lovely site!

A quick rundown of the sections....

Dioramas: A section devoted to Dio Stories. The name is a bit of
misnomer but it's purpose is for a teaser image to be used as a link
to your actual story.

A Real American Hero: Photos of figures that have an O-ring. Plan and simple

Photos: Diorama photos of any figure (25th/ME as well as O-ring)

Collections: This is for posting pictures of your collection. Also photos with household items, unfinished projects or finished projects just sitting on a workbench, "look what I just bought" type shots and anything with figure/display stands go here. If it's not a creative photo it belongs in this section.

If you happen to post pictures in the wrong section, they will be moved to the correct section. Rules & Regulations

#1. Three (3) photos total uploaded per day. It doesn't matter what
section, only three every 24 hours. If you upload more than that, they will be removed.

#2. Signatures: Overly political, offensive and absurdly large images are not permitted. (A general rule: If your signature stretches out the thread.... it's too big.)

#3. Swearing: This is a website about children's toys. While most
every member is an adult, extremely foul language is simply.... UNNECESSARY.

#4. Picture Content: While non G.I. Joe and Military photos are cool
and allowed, it should not be abused to the point that the vast majority of
your uploads are Super Heroes, Transformers, Star Wars or what have
you. It's a joe site, your portfolio should reflect that.

#5. Respect: Not everyone is going to like everybody(that's life), but at least try
to act cordially. If you do have a problem with someone, a simple solution

#6. Have fun and contribute: It's a hobby, not a contest. Participate
and comment on photos! You'll find that it goes a long way.

#7. We're all Joedios members. It doesn't matter if you've been here
3 years or 3 days, there's no difference in the long run, as long as
you adhere to the above. Being here for a long time doesn't give you the
right to demand more respect.

Joedios is a family.

Welcome aboard.....

Should you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to ask. PM's are always welcome.

Thank You

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