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Urban Saboteur 04-08-2011 05:07 PM

Urban Scenery

Urban Scenery
The best Sports are Urban.. therefore.. so are the dios :p
[Image submitted by FLATLINE 18/10/2009]

As part of the ongoing project to make things more friendly, this thread and 1st post is aimed at helping everyone who is both new and a veteran needing a refresher or assistance in building sets for Urban Scenes.

In here you will find alot of helpful articles dedicated to helping you create a wonderful environment for you to pose your action figures in.

Any questions fired here in this thread should be about problems or help you need with the Scenery in question. I also welcome any insightful articles by members of the community, full credit will be given to the contributor, I'll do the indexing from here.

Brick Wall / Ruined Wall
Ruined Wall Submitted by Dreadnok Dread

Brick / Block Wall
Brick Wall Submitted by Vader9900

Cardboard Building
Building With Cardboard submitted by Fled74 His Main Article

Chemical Plant / Eco Warriors Scene
Eco Warriors Battle - contributed by Stormer
This was setup and taken using his concrete in the backgarden and the chemical containers are plant pots turned upside down! - Great idea that is very effective.

Sewer Pipe
Sewer Shot- submitted by ender098

Warehouse Scene
Warehouse submitted by rnrhero

Warehouse (PTE Extended)
Warehouse Set- Submitted by Scarrviper

Wooden Pallet
Wooden Pallet submitted by rnrhero

At my own Request I have asked the Moderators to Sticky this thread. So it remains at the top of the how to.

I will begin adding in articles and indexing everything in the next few hours


fled74 02-02-2012 06:01 AM

It's come to my attention that a JD member has republished my How-To article on another site, translated into French. He's also hot-linked the images from my server.
Apparently this was done early last year, without my knowledge and obviously without my permission.

Sure, he included a link back to my tutorial page, but that's beside the point. He obviously didn't think it was worth the trouble to first send me an email asking permission.

neapolitan joe 02-03-2012 09:53 AM

Great set!
Put water on the ground!

Dreadnok Dread 01-04-2013 10:36 AM

heres some more images to work from guys. Heres a sewer culvert I did a while back based on Vader9900 an older member not around much anymore.

the next one is an alley way all done with hydrocal/lightweight plaster everything was made by me from the little posters to the boxes and what not! enjoy!

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